How to claim your FAT and get your Lootboxes?

Step App is a Web3 fitness app developed in 2021 on the Avalanche blockchain. In early 2022, Step App launched a referral program: FAT Points. Through the FAT Points referral program, people received FAT points for each referral and other actions. The referral program ended on October 31, 2022 and now, it's time to exchange your accumulated FAT for rewards.

How to claim your FAT and get your Lootboxes?

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From FAT to Lootboxes

The FAT obtained during the referral program can be exchanged for lootboxes in the game. These lootboxes are unique to Step App. The lootboxes are filled with game items such as energy, KCAL, or gems. The luckiest ones will win a pair of SNEAKERS!

Warning! To receive your lootboxes, you must claim your FAT before December 31, 2022. If you do not claim your FAT before this date, you will lose them permanently.

Claiming and transferring FAT to your wallet

Here are the steps to follow to claim your FAT:

1. First, go to to claim your FAT. Once on the page, click on "Connect" or "Connect Wallet" to connect your wallet (Metamask for example). Then, click on "Claim" to transfer your FAT to your wallet. 

Claiming your FAT will cost 50 FITFI in fees (0.18$ at the current rate). FITFI is the native token of the Step Network blockchain. So make sure you have enough FITFI in your wallet to claim your FAT.

2. Go to your Step App web wallet on and log into your account using your email address.

3. Connect your wallet (such as Metamask). This wallet must be the same one you used to claim your FAT.

4. Once logged in, you will see your FAT in your web wallet. To retrieve your lootbox, you must transfer your FAT to your "Spending account." Select your FAT, then click on "Transfer" and enter the amount of FAT you want to transfer to your spending account and click "Confirm." Confirm the transactions on Metamask.

5. Your FAT will appear in the game wallet.

Get your Lootboxes

Once your FAT is in your wallet, your lootboxes will appear in a new section under Account/Profile in the mobile app. You will see your FAT and the number of lootboxes you are entitled to.

If you haven't already, download the Step App (iOS or Android) and log in using your email address. When you are logged in, click on your profile at the bottom right of the screen. Then select "FATBOX". Once on this page, retrieve your rewards.

Lootbox Tiers

The type of lootbox you will receive depends on the number of FAT you have earned. The more FAT you have earned, the more lootboxes of higher rarity you can open. In total, there are 6 different levels of rarity.

Level 1: Common - 10 FAT

Level 2: Uncommon - 21 FAT

Level 3: Rare - 221 FAT

Level 4: Epic - 1,600 FAT

Level 5: Legendary - 1,701 FAT

Level 6: Mythic - 28,000 FAT

The higher the level of your lootbox, the more rewards you will receive. 

Lootbox distribution mechanism

The distribution mechanism of the lootboxes is based on the principle of "Russian Dolls." Suppose you have 1000 FAT, this gives you the right to a RARE lootbox, an UNCOMMON lootbox and a COMMON lootbox (since you have between 221 and 1600 FAT).

- In this RARE lootbox, you will find rewards and 2 lootboxes: an UNCOMMON lootbox and a COMMON lootbox. The UNCOMMON lootbox contains rewards and a COMMON lootbox (which in turn contains rewards).

- The UNCOMMON lootbox will contain other rewards and a COMMON lootbox.

- Finally, the COMMON lootbox will only contain rewards.
In other words, someone with a RARE lootbox receives multiple waves of rewards and 6 lootboxes instead of just one.

Note that opening the lootboxes does not require any fees.

If you encounter a problem or have any questions, visit for more information or contact the Step App support team.

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