MoonPay and Mastercard partner to take advantage of new Web3 technologies

Recently, at the Money20/20 event in Las Vegas, payment company MoonPay announced its strategic partnership with global payments giant Mastercard. The aim of this partnership is to reinvent the user experience by leveraging new Web3 technologies.

MoonPay and Mastercard partner to take advantage of new Web3 technologies

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Experiential marketing to strengthen ties with users

By joining forces, MoonPay and Mastercard aim to explore the use of Web3 technologies to redefine the experiential marketing experience. Experiential marketing differentiates itself from traditional marketing methods by adopting a process that involves creating an immersive experience for the user that appeals to all their senses.

Thanks to this partnership, Mastercard will soon be integrating additional Web3 technologies in its efforts to create a new experience for users. By exploiting the opportunities offered by blockchain, this initiative therefore aims to immerse users in a world that will engage their five senses in order to establish deeper and more relevant connections with them.

Partenariat entre MoonPay et Mastercard

MoonPay and Mastercard have announced their partnership, marking their commitment to work closely together. MoonPay is committed to integrating Mastercard's non-crypto products and solutions, reinforcing trust, compliance and complementary efficiency within the industry. Integrated services include "Send" and "Click to Pay" in MoonPay's Web3 tools. In addition, MoonPay's subsidiary Otherlife, which specializes in creative services, development, strategy and Web3 experiences, will play a key role in the partnership.

  1. Although some specific projects have already been announced, other initiatives aimed at familiarizing the public with the use of Web3 are still to come. This partnership is further evidence of Mastercard's interest in the world of Web3, offering new opportunities that highlight the potential of blockchain.


MoonPay and Mastercard share a common vision of a future where Web3 technology will fundamentally transform the way businesses interact with their users. The announcement, made by Keith Grossman, president of enterprise at MoonPay, and Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard's director of marketing and communications, continues Mastercard's efforts to invest in blockchain technology and offer differentiated user experiences in line with today's demands.

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