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Want to accumulate Bitcoin while having fun? It's now possible thanks to THNDR Games, an innovative gaming app where every game can earn you precious fragments of digital gold. In this article, find out how the world of gaming meets the world of finance with THNDR Games.

  1. THNDR, founded by Lightning Ventures, stands out for its ambitious mission: to make Bitcoin accessible to the general public. With a passionate team of gamers and crypto-enthusiasts, the THNDR app offers a gateway to wider Bitcoin adoption. You no longer need to be a cryptocurrency expert to accumulate Bitcoin. Simply play a selection of well-known games, from Solitaire to Tetris, shooting games, brick-breakers, arcade cars and even the classic Snake.

How to play?

Playing the various games developed by THNDR Games is easy. If you're ready to play and earn $SATS, just follow the steps below:

1. Download games

To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your mobile device, and search for THNDR games. Each game is an app in its own right, so download the ones that interest you. Don't worry, you can play them all, even if you start with just one.

2. Register easily

Once the games are installed, registration is simple. You can sign up using your Google or Twitter account, making the registration process quick and easy.

3. Collect tickets

As you play the various THNDR games, you'll earn tickets. Every hour, these earned tickets will be converted into Bitcoin and transferred directly to your in-app wallet. These tickets will also give you the chance to win the jackpot, which resets to 0 every hour.

4. Keep an eye on the deadline

Each Bitcoin fragment you earn comes with an expiration date. You'll need to transfer your winnings to your Lightning wallet before this time expires. But don't worry, the deadline for withdrawing your $SATS is several days.

5. Transfer your $SAT

  1. Once you've accumulated $SATS, you can quickly transfer them to your Lightning wallet. Options such as Wallet of Satoshi or Blue wallet are available for storing your rewards in Bitcoin.
  3. With these simple steps, you're ready to dive into the world of THNDR, play fun games and accumulate $SATS that could well become your gateway to the world of Bitcoin.

THNDR games

To find the game you want to play on the App Store or Google Play Store, simply click on one of the games below.

1. Tetro Tiles : borrowed from the famous game Tetris, this is a challenging puzzle game that combines tile placement with strategic thinking.

2. Club Bitcoin - Solitaire : here you'll find a classic Solitaire game. If you're a Solitaire fan, you'll love this game.

3. Bitcoin Bounce : more modern, the aim of the game is to jump along the blockchain and bounce as far as you can.

4. Turbo '84 :  arcade-style, in this game you have to drive a car, collect tickets and avoid obstacles by changing lanes.

5. Bitcoin Snake : from the famous Snake, one of the world's best-known and most popular mobile games, experience the thrill of the classic Snake.

6. Bitcoin Bay : in this game, you team up with Spark to play a relaxing bubble shooter by the beach.

How do I withdraw Bitcoins?

Withdrawing $SATS from the application is simple. The application uses the Lightning Network. As a reminder, the Lightning Network is a second-layer network secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. It enables secure microtransactions to be processed instantly and at virtually no cost, while remaining entirely decentralized. You can instantly withdraw your $SATS to any wallet supporting the Lightning Network.

  1. Once your Lightning Network wallet is operational, simply go to your profile, click on 'My prizes' and withdraw your $SATS by clicking on 'Claim'.

Conclusion - THNDR, a playful gateway to Bitcoin

In conclusion, THNDR Games offers much more than a simple gaming experience. It's a gateway to the world of Bitcoin, an opportunity to earn fragments of this revolutionary cryptocurrency by playing games that will appeal to your memories, but also more innovative ones.

If playing only earns you $SATS, taking a long-term view can change your perspective. Bitcoin, as a finite digital resource, is becoming increasingly scarce over time. Every $SAT accumulated is a fraction of this growing scarcity.

So play, collect, and keep an eye on the future. And who knows, maybe those little drops will one day become an ocean of financial possibilities. 


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