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Thetan Arena

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Thetan Arena is a real-time multiplayer strategy game based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. This is a hybrid game combining Free-to-play and Play-to-earn. Two game modes are available : MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale. Build your army, play with strategy and earn rewards in cryptocurrency redeemable in fiat money (€ or $).

The game is Free-to-play, it means that this game does not require spending money to play it and earn rewards.

  1. The game is a play2earn which means players can earn real money by playing the game. Players can earn Thetan Arena (THG) game tokens by completing tasks and winning battles. These tokens can then be traded on cryptocurrency trading platforms or used to purchase virtual game items on Thetan Arena's marketplace.

Downloading and installing the game

Thetan Arena is available on Windows, iOS and Android. The game can be downloaded from the Thetan Arena official website. You can also download the application or go directly to the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on your mobile device. 

If you downloaded the game on mobile support (iOS and Android), the installation will be done automatically like all other applications.

If you downloaded the game on PC, run the file after downloading it to install Thetan Arena. Follow the installation instructions.

Create an account on Thetan Arena

  1. Launch the game and then click on ‘Register’. Enter your email address, then select "SEND CODE". Retrieve the code from your mailbox and enter it in the field ‘Enter your code’ and then press ‘CREATE’.
  2. Then Thetan Arena will give you a tour of the game to explain all the features. After a tutorial, you can collect your first three characters from the game by typing the button ‘CLAIM’.
  2. Before starting to play and earn cryptos, it is possible to configure certain aspects of the game such as game controls. To do this, go to the settings. Once the settings are complete, you can start playing.
  4. Once you have completed all these steps, when you launch the game for the second time, you will receive a new character as a welcome gift.

How to play Thetan Arena

To start playing, click on ‘Find Match’. Build an army, conquer territories and fight other players in real time.

Strategy in Thetan Arena is important for success in the game. Players must be able to build a strong army and deploy it effectively to conquer territories. Players must also be able to form alliances with other players to strengthen their position in the game.

  1. To win in Thetan Arena, players must accumulate points by winning battles and conquering territories. Players can also earn THG Tokens by completing tasks and winning battles, which can then be exchanged for cryptocurrency or used to purchase virtual game items from Thetan Arena's Marketplace.

Game tokens

Thetan Arena has two tokens: THC, a game token, and THG, its governance token. 

1. Le THC

Thetan Coin (THC) is the main currency in the game. THC can be earned as rewards for playing the game or through particular activities. THC has an unlimited supply of tokens and, like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. Currently priced at $0.0021, for more THC price history, visit Coinmarketcap.

2. Le THG

  1. The Thetan Arena (THG) is the governance token of the game. Intended for use only as a utility token within Thetan Arena ecosystem. The THG has a limited supply (420,000,000) of tokens and, like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. Currently priced at $0.07, for more THG price history, visit Coinmarketcap.

How to earn cryptocurrencies with Thetan Arena ?

Regarding THC, there are several ways to earn this token. First, by playing the game and winning battles. The number of THC tokens you will earn will depend on the rarity and level of your hero as well as your trophy ranking. It is also possible to earn THC by completing quests, participating in special events and completing in-game challenges. In Thetan Arena, in addition to earning cryptocurrencies, you will be able to acquire NFTs.

THC has four functions in game :

  1. 1. Buy Thetan Boxes that contain Hero NGTs and Cosmetic NFTs.
  2. 2. Buy Hero NFTs or Cosmetic NFTs directly on the game marketplace.
  3. 3. Hero NFT Rental from Thetan Arena Marketplace.
  4. 4. Buy a ticket to participate in tournaments or special events organized in the game.

Regarding the THG, there are two ways to earn this token. The first is to participate in special events. This will allow you, in addition to earning THG, to receive THC and NFT. The second is to participate in activities organized on the marketplace.

The THG has five functions in game :

  1. 1. Pay transaction fees on the game marketplace.
  2. 2. Buy a Legendary Thetan Box that contains a Legendary Hero NFT.
  3. 3. Evolve your Hero NFTs
  4. 4. Earn rewards by staking your tokens.
  5. 5. Buy Thetan Arena DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Admission Ticket

How to claim your THC OR THG ?

To claim your tokens and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat money (€ or $), you need a Metamask account with the BSC network configured on it.

  1. If you don't already have a Metamask account, head over to our Metamask academy article to create a Metamask account or to add a network to your Metamask.

1. Connect wallet to Thetan Arena account

To claim your rewards, you must link your Metamask to your Thetan Arena account. To do this and after installing Metamask and configuring your account, in the game go to the marketplace and press ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect your Metamask.

A window will automatically open and ask you if you want to link an already existing game account or if you want to create a new game account.

If you have already created your game account, which you probably have, select ‘Link to Existing game account’. Add your email address and enter the code received by email. Then press ‘LINK ACCOUNT’.

Check that the Metamask address listed in the Thetan window corresponds to that of your Metamask account and then click on "LINK". Afterward, read the general conditions of use and accept them to continue. Once the TOS have been accepted, a Metamask window opens to confirm the linking of your Metamask account to your Thetan Arena account. Click on ‘Sign’.

  1. Everything is ready to claim your rewards.

2. Claim the rewards

To claim your THC and THG tokens, if you are using the Thetan Arena application, go to your Metamaskn wallet at the bottom right, press ‘Navigate’ and in the URL, enter the Thetan Arena site. Once on the official game site, press ‘Marketplace’. After being redirected to the marketplace, at the top right, select ‘Connect Wallet’ and choose Metamask. A Metamask window will automatically open on your mobile device, asking you to confirm the connection. Tap ‘Confirm’. Once your Thetan Arena account is connected to your Metamask Wallet, simply click on ‘Claim’. The gTHC or gTHG earned during your games will be converted directly into THC or THC and will be transferred to your Metamask wallet.

It is possible to exchange your rewards for real money (€ or $) or other cryptocurrencies. To do so, go to the decentralized exchange platform pancakeswap, connect your Metamask account and trade your THC or THG. It is also possible to use centralized platforms such as OKX or

All information regarding the price of tokens, their contracts or the exchange platforms that support these two tokens are available at Coinmarketcap : THC and THG.

Thetan Arena revolutionizes the world of video games

Thetan Arena brings a new dimension to the world of traditional games by offering an innovative approach to monetization and using a blockchain-based economy that allows players to earn real tokens while playing.


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