Vestinda : build, backtest and automate your trading strategies

Getting into cryptocurrency trading can be an exhilarating experience, but just as risky if you're not well prepared. In an environment saturated with information and in which managing emotions is a real challenge, relying on a reliable platform that combines strategies, automation and backtesting can make all the difference. That's where Vestinda comes in, an innovative platform whose mission is to revolutionize the way traders approach the cryptocurrency market. The platform offers a comprehensive range of tools to enable all types of traders to find success in their trading operations.

Vestinda : build, backtest and automate your trading strategies

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Vestinda founder's vision

At the heart of Vestinda's vision is Alin Breaban, the co-founder of this promising and inspiring platform. It was his personal journey and the challenges he encountered in building investment portfolios, challenges shared by many investors, that led him to develop Vestinda. His mission is to bridge the gap between knowledge and success, and between traditional finance and technological advances. This vision is implemented and supported by a solid team and renowned venture capitalists such as Techstars and Banca Sella, who lend legitimacy to the whole project. To differentiate itself from the market, Vestinda aims to be an ecosystem led by a committed community, enabling users to design automated and diversified trading strategies across thousands of assets and multiple exchange platforms. Ultimately, Alin Breaban's vision represents a new way of investing, in which user autonomy and community ethics play an important role.

What exactly is Vestinda?

Vestinda has established itself as an essential trading platform, having already processed a trading volume in excess of $25 million and executed over 120,000 orders on four major exchanges: Binance, Kraken, Kucoin and Poloniex. Vestinda's global reach includes users from over 40 different countries.

  1. Vestinda's main strength lies in its automated cryptocurrency trading platform, enabling users to design their own trading strategies in a No-Code environment, in other words, without the need for special programming skills. Featuring a user-friendly interface, Vestinda aims to simplify access to crypto trading by offering a complete solution: from consulting trading ideas to creating, customizing, backtesting and automating trading strategies. Ultimately, Vestinda offers users the opportunity to explore and exploit the cryptocurrency market with ease and efficiency.

Optimize your trading with Vestinda

Vestinda doesn't just follow the trend. It offers a full range of tools to support traders throughout their trading operations. In particular, the platform enables :

1. Backtest your crypto trading strategies

With Vestinda, you can put your trading hypotheses to the test with a powerful backtesting tool that simplifies market mastery. This tool saves traders time and money, enabling them to test various strategies on a multitude of assets and validate them before actually taking positions in the market.

2. Fully automated, risk-free cryptocurrency trading

Automate your crypto trading strategies without putting real money on the line. Get started in crypto trading with paper trading (or virtual trading) to test your strategies in an environment that automatically replicates real-world conditions. This tool enables novice traders to gain experience, intelligently and prudently, before investing real funds.  

3. Automate your cryptocurrency trading strategies

Cryptocurrency trading can quickly become demanding and energy-consuming due to the constant flow of information and high volatility on the markets. With Vestinda, you no longer need to spend long hours analyzing charts or constantly monitoring your portfolio. Create and customize your trading strategies on their platform without coding, then automate the process. This approach executes your strategies in real time, saving you precious time.

4. Track your cryptocurrency portfolio

Investing in and trading cryptocurrencies often requires the use of multiple trading platforms. With Vestinda's Crypto Portfolio Tracker, track and manage your trading operations with ease from a single location. Aimed at both novice and experienced traders, this fluid, user-friendly tracker gives you the ability to monitor your trading operations in real time using automation and synchronization tools. 

5. Copy crypto investment strategies

Cryptocurrency trading requires time that you don't always have. With Vestinda, you have the opportunity to adopt strategies developed by powerful algorithms and validated by experienced traders. These strategies, which are intuitive and easy to implement, are based on algorithms and technical analyses that are constantly updated to respond to market developments.  

6. Develop your trading strategies without codes

Developing sound strategies is essential for maximizing profit potential while minimizing risk. Customize and automate your trading strategies using Vestinda's intuitive drag-and-drop platform. Design your own technical indicators over multiple timeframes, or choose from a collection of hundreds of different strategies.


Vestinda is more than just a trading platform, it's a revolutionary ecosystem that enables traders to turn their ideas into strategies, boosting their chances of success in the cryptocurrency market. From powerful backtesting capabilities to advanced automation, crypto portfolio tracking and a coding-free strategy creation environment, Vestinda addresses a multitude of issues and challenges faced by traders of all backgrounds. It provides the tools and support needed to thrive consistently in the cryptocurrency market.  If you're looking to optimize your trading strategies and preserve your time, Vestinda is the ideal solution. Don't delay in exploring the diverse features this platform offers, with varied pricing plans, including even a free option, to align with your experience level.

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