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Walken is a move2earn that combines play and physical activity. Developed on the blockchain Solana, this Web3 application allows you to earn cryptocurrencies while improving your health.

Walken is a free2play, this means that it is not necessary to invest beforehand to earn cryptocurrencies. At the start of the game, Walken gives you your first CAThlete, a cat-like avatar that is needed to earn cryptocurrency. With your new companion, you can walk to earn GEMs and evolve your CAThlete. But you can also do daily mini-battles with your CAThlete to generate WLKN, the Walken application's governance token. With your WLKN you can also buy accessories in the form of NFTs to improve your CAThlete and try to win more fights. These accessories can be resold at any time on the marketplace.

Download and install Walken

Available on iOS and Android, players can go directly to the AppStore or the Google Play Store ttto download the application. It is also possible to download the application directly through the official website of Walken.


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  2. Once the app is downloaded, open it and create your account. After having filled in the information necessary to create the account, you must create your wallet which will be used to receive your game rewards. You must take note of your recovery phrase (12 words). This sentence will be necessary to recover your account in case of loss of your Smartphone for example. Be sure to put your recovery phrase in a secure place. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your passphrase to verify that you copied it correctly. 

    Once you complete these steps, your wallet is ready and you will receive your free CAThlete which will become an NFT once you reach level 6. Start walking and playing to earn cryptocurrencies.

Game tokens

Walken has two tokens: GEM, a gaming token, and WLKN, its governance token.

1. GEM

GEMs are accumulated based on the number of steps taken by a user. Every 1000 steps, the player receives 1 GEM. The application works in the background, which makes it possible to count all the steps of the day without having to be on the application permanently. GEMs have no value, they are used to level up your CAThlete. GEMs can also be used to spin the wheel of fortune and try to earn more rewards. GEM rewards can be multiplied if the player owns two or more CAThletes.


The WLKN is the game's governance token. Players will be rewarded with WLKN by performing in-game battles. WLKN, like other cryptocurrencies, can see its price fluctuate. To learn more about WLKN's price history, visit Coinmarketcap. Earned WLKNs can be transferred to other platforms to be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money (€ or $). 

Disciplines and Ligues

In the game, competitions are held in 6 leagues. There is a minimum entry level for each league, and the higher the league, the higher the rewards for winning.

  • - 0 level CAThletes can enter the first league;
  • - for the second league, Level 2 and 3 CAThletes are welcome;
  • - for the third league - levels 4 and 5;
  • - for the fourth league - levels 6 and 7;
  • - for the fifth league - levels 8 and 9;
  • - the sixth league is for CAThletes in levels 10 and 11;
  • - the seventh league is for CAThletes in levels 12 and 13.

Awards increase as players progress through the higher leagues. There are three running disciplines in each league, which are available in PvE and PvP modes: Sprint, Marathon, and Urban Running. Each competition costs one energy point and each of the CAThlete's stats influences the chances of winning in a particular running discipline. PvE competitions in League VII, called ranked races, offer boosted rewards for each victory to players with a high rank. Walken's algorithms quickly find a rival of equal level among the other players once the discipline and athlete are selected.

How to earn $WLKN?

There are many ways to earn $WLKN in the game. Note that the $WLKN earned can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, but you can also use them in-game to buy accessories for your CAThlete to make it stronger. There are two ways to earn WLKN.

Walken has a competition mode with different leagues. The level of your CAThlete determines the league in which you will fight. The higher your level the more WLKN you will earn. The success of your CAThlete is based on its three attributes: Strength, Stamina and Speed. 

By default, a CAThlete has three energies. Each fight will cost you one energy. The recharge time of your energies is determined by the level of your CAThlete.

To participate in competitions in the Walken application, follow these simple steps: press "Competitions" then select the "Leagues" tab. Choose a league that matches your CAThlete's level and select a competition mode, either "Competition" or "PvP Duels". Then choose a CAThlete and a discipline to compete in. Wait for the app's algorithm to find you a rival, then the race begins. If you win, claim your reward and if you lose, try again next time. It is recommended to compete in the highest possible league for the highest reward. Choose a discipline that suits your CAThlete's strengths (Strength, Endurance or Speed) and consider scouring the market for items that can improve your CAThlete's stats.


1. Classic PvE (player vs. environment) battles

  1. Walken is a game whose gameplay focuses on racing competitions for the game characters, the CAThletes. Players can earn gems by walking in real life, which can be used to increase the level of their CAThlete and thus improve its characteristics (speed, strength and endurance). Players can participate in races in three main disciplines - Sprint, Urban Race and Marathon - and earn $WLKN tokens that can be used to purchase additional clothing, accessories or CAThletes in the Marketplace, as well as to upgrade their CAThletes' stats. For each discipline, a specific characteristic is most important, speed for sprints, strength for urban running and endurance for marathons. The key to success is to take care of your unique CAThlete, boosting it by earning gems while walking and competing with other players.

2. PvP Duels (player versus player)

Duels are a PvP mode in which the skills of the CAThletes are put to the test. Players can select a league, choose a CAThlete, select the amount of reward they would like to compete for, and choose a booster before starting to search for a rival online. Each duel costs a certain amount of Mysberries and energy unit(s) which are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the race. Winners receive the $WLKN reward and can share the results of the duel on social networks. To participate, players must have at least one CAThlete eligible for League 4 or higher and have the required number of energy units plus enough Mysberries to pay the entry fee for the selected Duel.

  1. In Duels PvP mode, players can maximize their chances of winning by selecting and purchasing an Energy Drink Booster and/or Laser Pen distraction for their rival CAThlete. Boosters and distractions cost 25 Mysberries each and can decide the outcome of the race. The Energy Drink is applied automatically at the beginning of the race and allocates a random percentage of the three stats boost. The Laser Pen is applied at the end of the race and reduces a rival's total score by a random percentage. The Mysberry Booster also works in duels in the same way as in PvE competitions. However, while PvP mode gives players more control over the performance of their CAThletes, the element of chance in the random selection of discipline, rival, and booster application means that the advantage of stronger CAThletes does not guarantee them victory in every duel.

3. Tournaments

  1. Each week, duel players have the opportunity to participate in tournaments in three different categories to win big prizes in $WLKN and Mysberries. Tournament seasons begin on Monday at 00:00 UTC and end the following Sunday at 23:59 UTC. The three categories in which players can compete are: total $WLKN won in duels, total duels won, and highest duel win rate in a tournament week. To be eligible for a nomination, a player must play a minimum of 100 duels. The top 200 players in each tournament category will share the prize pool and receive prizes in $WLKN and Mysberries ranging from $10,000 and 25,000 Mysberries for first place to 100 Mysberries for 100th to 200th place. Players will be able to claim their prizes in the application once the season is over and the list of winners will be made public.

Other Game Features

1. Breeding

  1. Players can also mate two CAThletes to produce a new CAThlete with ideal attributes. A CAThlete can perform up to three Breeds. Creating new CAThletes will cost you GEM and WLKN. 

2. Mysberries

Mysberries allow you to boost the basic attributes of your CAThlete to make it stronger. You can buy them on the Marketplace for WLKN. But you can also win them randomly, as a consolation prize, when you lose a fight. 

3. Ranking

  1. Each Walken player will be assigned a certain rank based on their achievements and in-game activity. The higher your rank, the better your rewards in the Wheel of Fortune. Your rank depends on several criteria such as the date of creation of the account, the number of CAThletes owned, the number of steps per day, etc.
    In total, there are 10 ranks and the more you will rise in rank, the more the criteria to be fulfilled will be demanding.

4. Wheel of Fortune

  1. Wheel of Fortune is a daily bonus for Walken players that is available every 24 hours. The rewards on the wheel depend on the player's rank, with more generous prizes for higher ranked players and a chance to win a jackpot. Players can spin the wheel once they qualify for rank 1 and have two spins available in 24 hours for 20 or 50 Mysberries. Players can also watch a commercial to save Mysberries. Possible prizes on the wheel include GEMS, Mysberries and $WLKN chips. There is also a chance to win a Lootboxe depending on the rank on the wheel.

5. The Daily Quests

  1. The game features daily quests that offer rewards to players. Each day, five new quests are unlocked, some of which are easy to complete while others take more time. Players have 7 days to complete the quests and can complete them at any time before the end of this period. Players' activities are captured from day one so they can progress through the tasks throughout the week. Quests can be tracked in the dedicated section and rewards are credited to the players' balance. In addition to the rewards for each completed task, there are also special prizes for crushing all the assigned quests for a day. Players can earn very special Jars that contain Gems, Mysberries, and $WLKN in various quantities, as well as Item and CAThlete loot boxes. Rewards must be claimed before the end of the current quest week, as they are not transferable to the next week.

Walken Earn

  1. Walken Earn is a new feature of the Walken application that allows players to bet their $WLKN chips. Players have the option to bet under flexible or locked conditions by taking advantage of a variety of staking plans. In addition to the staking rewards, players also receive priority in Walken NFT sales and other in-game benefits such as special drops and special tournaments. There are currently 5 staking plans available, each offering different durations and APRs. Pool liquidity is a total amount of staking rewards allocated for a particular staking product. Stake limits ensure fair participation and can be adjusted at Walken Earn's discretion.

 1. Flexible Staking

Flexible staking is a staking plan offered by Walken with a 6% APR and a 6 week interest period. This plan allows for more flexibility as users can cancel their bet at any time and each consecutive interest period earns interest on the initial bet. However, by initiating a wager, stakers must agree to wager their chips for at least 6 weeks. Withdrawing the wager before the 6 weeks are up will result in a 10% fee with no wagering reward earned. Once the 6-week minimum is over, users may withdraw their primary wager and rewards at any time. The wagering period for the flexible staking plan is available as long as the cash pool limit is not reached, in which case the wager will be transferred to another cash pool. The flexible staking reward is exchanged with the initial stake and credited to the portfolio in one transaction. It is important to note that the APR for flexible products may change at the beginning of a consecutive interest period.

2. Locked Staking

  1. Walken offers four locked staking plans with RPAs ranging from 40% to 250% for durations from 4 to 18 months. With Locked Staking, it is possible to lock a certain number of WLKN tokens for the selected duration without the possibility of early unlocking. At the end of the locked period, only the initial stake can be withdrawn and the stake rewards can only be unlocked at the end of the reward unlocking period.

Referral Program

Walken's referral program offers bonuses to players who invite their friends to use the Walken application on a regular basis. Active users can participate and the length of the referral period increases with the number of invited friends. Players can share their unique referral code with their friends, who will receive a bonus when they sign up and spend money in the Walken application. Players will also receive a bonus equivalent to 10% of their friends' spending in $WLKN, for CAThletes top level purchases, Mysberries purchases, spawning and converting a CAThletes to NFT. Rewards can be tracked in the "Gifts and Discounts" section of the user's profile. Spending earnings and sponsored friends are updated in the application every 24 hours.

Join the adventure now with the PROMO CODE L5LVQ3N and start playing with 10 GEMs, 5 $WLKN and 100 Mysberries in pocket!

How to withdraw your $WLKN?

  1. If you wish to withdraw your WLKNs from the app but do not wish to exchange them for fiat currencies (€ or $), you can transfer them to a decentralized wallet compatible with the Solana blockchain, such as phantom or to a centralized trading platform that supports WLKN:  Bybit, Ascendex, Huobi or Gate.io. Once transferred, you can stake your WLKNs to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

  1. To withdraw your WLKNs, go to your Walken app wallet. Click on the logo with the arrow coming out of the square. Then fill in the WLKN address of the platform to which you want to transfer your WLKN. Transfer fees must be paid in SOL, the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain.

    If you wish to withdraw your WLKNs to exchange them for fiat currency to deposit them in your personal bank account, you will need to transfer your WLKNs to a centralized trading platform: Bybit, Huobi or Gate.io.

Once your WLKNs have arrived on your trading platform, convert them into your local currency and fill in your bank details to receive your rewards in fiat currency. 

Walken, a vision supported by the Blockchain

Walken encourages users to adopt healthier lifestyle habits by rewarding daily steps. To connect real-life sports activities with gaming and cryptocurrency earning, the only solution was in the Blockchain.

For more specific information on Walken read the Whitepaper by Walken.


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