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Welcome to the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, where a new app is causing a stir: sMiles. More than just a mobile app, it's an innovative way of rewarding users for their daily activities. Every step you take, every purchase you make, every game you play and even every survey you complete can earn you fractions of Bitcoin, called "sats". With sMiles Bitcoin, immerse yourself in a world where your actions are worth digital gold and your commitment is rewarded in tangible ways. So, how do you sign up? How do I use this revolutionary application? What are its special features?  You'll find the answers to all your questions on this page.

How do I register for sMiles?

With sMiles, you can earn $SATS for free by participating in Move2Earn. No initial cost is required, making it a great opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin.

If you don't already have the app, click here to download it and use code Satolix609 when signing up, or visit the Google Play Store or App Store.

Create an account on the sMiles app

To create an account on sMiles, launch the application and provide the necessary information: surname, first name, user name and mail address. Then confirm your account by copying the confirmation code received by mail.

Please note that the sMiles application is only available in certain countries and may not be found by searching the Google Play Store or App Store. In addition, to use the sMiles app, you will need to grant permission to read step data from the Apple Health app (iOS) or the Google Fit app (Android).

  1. Once you've created your account, you're ready to start using sMiles and earning $SATS.

How to earn Bitcoin with sMiles?

sMiles offers several ways to earn $SATS. Here are some of the app's key features:

  1. 1. Earn $SATS by walking: sMiles connects to your phone's activity center and automatically imports your activity data. The more you walk, the more $SATS you'll earn.
  2. 2. Bitcoin cashback for purchases: sMiles users can make purchases in partner stores and receive cashback in $SATS. Cashback percentage varies by merchant.
  3. 3. Games and surveys: in addition to walking and shopping, you can also earn small amounts of Bitcoin by playing games such as Wheel of Fortune and Chess, or by taking part in surveys.

sMiles : Bitcoinverse 

Currently in beta, the Bitcoinverse is a unique gamified digital treasure-hunting experience that creates a link between the digital and real worlds. This feature allows you to accumulate additional Bitcoin rewards, NFTs, and much more, by visiting specific locations with sMiles partners. These partners have the ability to place exclusive rewards in their locations such as cafes, stores, gyms, etc. As a user, you'll be rewarded for walking, visiting and exploring these locations.

How do I withdraw my $SATS?

You can instantly withdraw your $SATS to any Lightning wallet. The Lightning Network is a second-layer network secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. It enables secure microtransactions to be processed instantly and at almost no cost, while remaining entirely decentralized.

sMiles allows withdrawals starting at 1000 $SATS. Once you've reached 1000 $SATS, you can send $SATS to any Bitcoin Lightening wallet such as Wallet Of Satoshi or BlueWallet. Please note that sMiles will charge you a 1% transaction fee.

To withdraw your $SATS, click on "Send". A window will open offering you two methods. The first is "Send to default Wallet" and the second is "Send manually":

- Choose the first method if you already have a wallet installed on your mobile device. sMiles will automatically connect to the lightning wallet installed on your device to send your $SATS.

  1. - Choose the second method if you don't have a wallet installed on your smartphone, or if you'd like to send your $SATS to a specific Bitcoin lightning address.


sMiles offers an interesting opportunity to earn fractions of Bitcoin by performing everyday activities such as walking, shopping and playing games. Clearly, the rewards aren't stellar. However, when you know that the quantity of Bitcoin is finite and take a long-term view, it can be interesting to accumulate $SATS.

Feel free to download sMiles using the code Satolix609, and start earning $SATS today!


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