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  • Satolix | Un accès simple à la crypto

    It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on. If enough people think the same way, that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. ​ Satoshi Nakamoto " " Binance Coinbase Bybit SwissBorg Bitget Explore the future of finance with us. Experience the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies now. Satolix is a dedicated blockchain and cryptocurrency web platform, offering a variety of tools and resources to help users better understand and navigate this ever-evolving industry. Web3 Projects Don't miss the latest Web3 Projects: Move2Earn, Learn2Earn, Launchpad, Play2Earn Explore Academy Find all the tools you need to understand the crypto ecosystem Explore Tools Find the tools you need to follow the crypto market Explore Blog Stay up to date with our Blockchain, Bitcoin, DeFi, Ethereum, Security, Metavers articles Explore Can't decide where to start You want to learn more before exploring the world of cryptos, the Satolix Blog articles are there for you. Blog The Satolix Academy is a space dedicated to education and learning around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Academy Web3 Projects allow you to discover innovative applications based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Web3 Projects Tools You will find crypto tools to retrieve market data : crypto capitalization, price variations, market sentiment Twitter Reddit Medium Instagram Community Join the Satolix community on social networks to not miss the latest trends in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies! Follow us now for exclusive tips, regular updates on our projects and tools, and more. Contact us Use the contact form. You can also contact us through our social media. Contact Get the latest update Stay up to date on the latest publications and new developments from Satolix, straight to your inbox. Subscribe with your email address OK Thank you for subscribing!

  • Walken | Satolix

    WALKEN MOVE2EARN Walken is a move2earn that combines play and physical activity. Developed on the blockchain Solana, this Web3 application allows you to earn cryptocurrencies while improving your health. ​ Walken is a free2play, this means that it is not necessary to invest beforehand to earn cryptocurrencies. At the start of the game, Walken gives you your first Cathlete, a cat-like avatar that is needed to earn cryptocurrency. With your new companion, you can walk to earn GEMs and evolve your Cathlete. But you can also do daily mini-battles with your Cathlete to generate WLKN, the Walken application's governance token. With your WLKN you can also buy accessories in the form of NFTs to improve your Cathlete and try to win more fights. These accessories can be resold at any time on the marketplace. Download and install Walken Available on iOS and Android, players can go directly to the App Store or the Google Play Store to download the application. It is also possible to download the application directly through the official website of walken . ​ Use invite code L5LVQ3N to get 10 GEM + 5 WLKN + 100 Mysberries bonus on your account Download Walken Once the app is downloaded, open it and create your account. After having filled in the information necessary to create the account, you must create your wallet which will be used to receive your game rewards. You must take note of your recovery phrase (12 words). This sentence will be necessary to recover your account in case of loss of your Smartphone for example. Be sure to put your recovery phrase in a secure place. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your passphrase to verify that you copied it correctly. Once you complete these steps, your wallet is ready and you will receive your free Cathlete which will become an NFT once you reach level 6. Start walking and playing to earn cryptocurrencies. Game tokens Walken has two tokens: GEM, a gaming token, and WLKN, its governance token. 1. GEM GEMs are accumulated based on the number of steps taken by a user. Every 1000 steps, the player receives 1 GEM. The application works in the background, which makes it possible to count all the steps of the day without having to be on the application permanently. GEMs have no value, they are used to level up your Cathlete. GEMs can also be used to spin the wheel of fortune and try to earn more rewards. GEM rewards can be multiplied if the player owns two or more Cathletes. 2. WLKN The WLKN is the game's governance token. Players will be rewarded with WLKN by performing in-game battles. WLKN, like other cryptocurrencies, can see its price fluctuate. To learn more about WLKN's price history, visit Coinmarketcap . Earned WLKNs can be transferred to other platforms to be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money (€ or $). How to earn WLKN? The WLKN earned can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies but you can also use them in the game to buy accessories for your Cathlete to make it stronger. There are two ways to earn WLKN. 1. Fight to earn WLKN Walken includes a Competition mode with different leagues. It is the level of your Cathlete that determines the league in which you will fight. The higher your level, the more WLKN you will earn. The success of your Cathlete is based on its three attributes: Strength, Endurance and Speed. By default, a Cathlete has three energies. Each fight will cost you one energy. The recharge time of your energies is determined by the level of your Cathlete. 2. Spin the Wheel of Fortune The Wheel of Fortune is a daily bonus that players can use to rack up more rewards. It is actionable against GEM (2 GEM for the first launch). The quality of the rewards will depend on your rank in the game. The higher your rank, the higher the rewards will be. You can also try to win a larger jackpot. Other Game Features 1. Breeding Players can also mate two Cathletes to produce a new Cathlete with ideal attributes. A Cathlete can perform up to three Breeds. Creating new Cathletes will cost you GEM and WLKN. 2. Mysberries Mysberries allow you to boost the basic attributes of your Cathlete to make it stronger. You can buy them on the Marketplace for WLKN. But you can also win them randomly, as a consolation prize, when you lose a fight. 3. Ranking Each Walken player will be assigned a certain rank based on their achievements and in-game activity. The higher your rank, the better your rewards in the Wheel of Fortune. Your rank depends on several criteria such as the date of creation of the account, the number of cathletes owned, the number of steps per day, etc. In total, there are 10 ranks and the more you will rise in rank, the more the criteria to be fulfilled will be demanding. Remove your WLKNs If you wish to withdraw your WLKNs from the app but do not wish to exchange them for fiat currencies (€ or $), you can transfer them to a decentralized wallet compatible with the Solana blockchain, such as phantom or to a centralized trading platform that supports WLKN: Bybit , Ascendex, Huobi or Once transferred, you can stake your WLKNs to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Click here to create an account on Bybit and receive a welcome gift (see the terms and conditions of the referral program) To withdraw your WLKNs, go to your Walken app wallet. Click on the logo with the arrow coming out of the square. Then fill in the WLKN address of the platform to which you want to transfer your WLKN. Transfer fees must be paid in SOL, the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain. If you wish to withdraw your WLKNs to exchange them for fiat currency to deposit them in your personal bank account, you will need to transfer your WLKNs to a centralized trading platform: Bybit , Huobi or Once your WLKNs have arrived on your trading platform, convert them into your local currency and fill in your bank details to receive your rewards in fiat currency. Walken encourages users to adopt healthier lifestyle habits by rewarding daily steps. To connect real-life sports activities with gaming and cryptocurrency earning, the only solution was in the Blockchain. Use invite code L5LVQ3N to get 10 GEM + 5 WLKN + 100 Mysberries bonus on your account. For more specific information on Walken read the white paper by Walken. Download Walken Go to Bybit Walken, a vision supported by the Blockchain Sources : - - - ​ Disclaimer : This is not financial advice. The site aims to inform readers about various Web3 projects. Any type of investment involves risk. Do your due diligence and do your own research on the projects featured on the site. Act as a good father and do not invest more than your objectives or financial means allow you. ​ Some articles on the site contain affiliate links and using them to register from the site allows the development of the site by collecting commissions. By doing so, you also make yourself eligible for a welcome bonus such as a voucher or fee reduction, for example. ​ For more information, do not hesitate to consult nos Legal notice . Sources : - - - ​ ​ Disclaimer : This is not financial advice. The site aims to inform readers about various Web3 projects. Any type of investment involves risk. Do your due diligence and do your own research on the projects featured on the site. Act as a good father and do not invest more than your objectives or financial means allow you. ​ Some articles on the site contain affiliate links and using them to register from the site allows the development of the site by collecting commissions. By doing so, you also make yourself eligible for a welcome bonus such as a voucher or fee reduction, for example. ​ For more information, do not hesitate to consult nos Legal Notice . o Download and install Walken o Game tokens o How to earn WLKN? o Other Game Features o Remove your WLKNs o Walken, a vision supported by the Blockchain Walken - The M2E accessible to all

  • Thetan Arena | Satolix

    Thetan Arena PLAY2EARN Thetan Arena - A Free2Play and Play2Earn game o ​ Downloading and installing the game ​o Create an account on Thetan Arena o How to play Thetan Arena ​o Game tokens o How to earn cryptocurrencies with Thetan Arena? o How to claim your THC OU THG? o Thetan Arena is revolutionizing the world of video games Thetan Arena is a real-time multiplayer strategy game based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. This is a hybrid game combining Free-to-play and Play-to-earn. Two game modes are available : MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale. Build your army, play with strategy and earn rewards in cryptocurrency redeemable in fiat money (€ or $). The game is Free-to-play, it means that this game does not require spending money to play it and earn rewards. The game is a play2earn which means players can earn real money by playing the game. Players can earn Thetan Arena (THG) game tokens by completing tasks and winning battles. These tokens can then be traded on cryptocurrency trading platforms or used to purchase virtual game items on Thetan Arena's marketplace. Downloading and installing the game Thetan Arena is available on Windows, iOS and Android. The game can be downloaded from the Thetan Arena official website . You can also download the application or go directly to the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on your mobile device. If you downloaded the game on mobile support (iOS and Android), the installation will be done automatically like all other applications. If you downloaded the game on PC, run the file after downloading it to install Thetan Arena. Follow the installation instructions. Play Thetan Arena Create an account on Thetan Arena Launch the game and then click on “Register”. Enter your email address, then select "SEND CODE". Retrieve the code from your mailbox and enter it in the field “Enter your code” and then press “CREATE”. Then Thetan Arena will give you a tour of the game to explain all the features. After a tutorial, you can collect your first three characters from the game by typing the button “CLAIM”. Before starting to play and earn cryptos, it is possible to configure certain aspects of the game such as game controls. To do this, go to the settings. Once the settings are complete you can start playing. Once you have completed all these steps, when you launch the game for the second time, you will receive a new character as a welcome gift. How to play Thetan Arena To start playing, click on “Find Match”. Build an army, conquer territories and fight other players in real time. Strategy in Thetan Arena is important for success in the game. Players must be able to build a strong army and deploy it effectively to conquer territories. Players must also be able to form alliances with other players to strengthen their position in the game. To win in Thetan Arena, players must accumulate points by winning battles and conquering territories. Players can also earn THG Tokens by completing tasks and winning battles, which can then be exchanged for cryptocurrency or used to purchase virtual game items from Thetan Arena's Marketplace. Game tokens Thetan Arena has two tokens: THC, a game token, and THG, its governance token. 1. THC Thetan Coin (THC) is the main currency in the game. THC can be earned as rewards for playing the game or through particular activities. THC has an unlimited supply of tokens and like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. Currently priced at $0.0021, for more THC price history visit Coinmarketcap . 2. THG The Thetan Arena (THG) is the governance token of the game. Intended for use only as a utility token within Thetan Arena ecosystem. The THG has a limited supply (420,000,000) of tokens and like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. Currently priced at $0.07, for more THG price history, visit Coinmarketcap . How to earn cryptocurrencies with Thetan Arena ? Regarding THC, there are several ways to earn this token. First, by playing the game and winning battles. The number of THC tokens you will earn will depend on the rarity and level of your hero as well as your trophy ranking. It is also possible to earn THC by completing quests, participating in special events and completing in-game challenges. In Thetan Arena, in addition to earning cryptocurrencies, you will be able to acquire NFTs. ​ THC has four functions in game : 1. Buy Thetan Boxes that contain Hero NGTs and Cosmetic NFTs. 2. Buy Hero NFTs or Cosmetic NFTs directly on the game marketplace. 3. Hero NFT Rental from Thetan Arena Marketplace. 4. Buy a ticket to participate in tournaments or special events organized in the game. Regarding the THG, there are two ways to earn this token. The first is to participate in special events. This will allow you, in addition to earning THG, to receive THC and NFT. The second is to participate in activities organized on the marketplace. ​ The THG has five functions in game : 1. Pay transaction fees on the game marketplace. 2. Buy a Legendary Thetan Box that contains a Legendary Hero NFT. 3. Evolve your Hero NFTs 4. Earn rewards by staking your tokens. 5. Buy Thetan Arena DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Admission Ticket How to claim your THC OR THG ? To claim your tokens and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat money (€ or $), you need a Metamask account with the BSC network configured on it. If you don't already have a Metamask account, head over to our Metamask academy article to create a Metamask account or to add a network to your Metamask . 2. Connect wallet to Thetan Arena account To claim your rewards, you must link your Metamask to your Thetan Arena account. To do this and after installing Metamask and configuring your account, in the game go to the marketplace and press “Connect Wallet” to connect your Metamask. A window will automatically open and ask you if you want to link an already existing game account or if you want to create a new game account. If you have already created your game account, which you probably have, select “Link to Existing game account”. Add your email address and enter the code received by email. Then press “LINK ACCOUNT”. Check that the Metamask address listed in the Thetan window corresponds to that of your Metamask account and then click on "LINK". Afterwards, read the general conditions of use and accept them to continue. Once the TOS have been accepted, a Metamask window opens to confirm the linking of your Metamask account to your Thetan Arena account. Click on “Sign”. Everything is ready to claim your rewards. 1. Claim the rewards To claim your THC and THG tokens, if you are using the Thetan Arena application, go to your Metamaskn wallet at the bottom right, press “Navigate” and in the URL, enter the Thetan Arena site. Once on the official game site, press “Marketplace”. After being redirected to the marketplace, at the top right, select “Connect Wallet” and choose Metamask. A Metamask window will automatically open on your mobile device, asking you to confirm the connection. Tap “Confirm”. Once your Thetan Arena account is connected to your Metamask Wallet, simply click on “Claim”. The gTHC or gTHG earned during your games will be converted directly into THC or THC and will be transferred to your Metamask wallet. It is possible to exchange your rewards for real money (€ or $) or other cryptocurrencies. To do so, go to the decentralized exchange platform pancakeswap , connect your Metamask account and trade your THC or THG. It is also possible to use centralized platforms such as OKX or All information regarding the price of tokens, their contracts or the exchange platforms that support these two tokens are available at Coinmarketcap :THC a nd THG . Thetan Arena revolutionizes the world of video games Thetan Arena brings a new dimension to the world of traditional games by offering an innovative approach to monetization and using a blockchain-based economy that allows players to earn real tokens while playing. Play Thetan Arena Sources : - - ​ ​ Disclaimer : This is not financial advice. The site aims to inform readers about various Web3 projects. Any type of investment involves risk. Do your due diligence and do your own research on the projects featured on the site. Act as a good father and do not invest more than your objectives or financial means allow you. ​ Some articles on the site contain affiliate links and using them to register from the site allows the development of the site by collecting commissions. By doing so, you also make yourself eligible for a welcome bonus such as a voucher or fee reduction, for example. ​ For more information, do not hesitate to consult nos Legal Notice .

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Blog (25)

  • What is a smart contract?

    Are you tired of long and expensive transactions requiring the intervention of trusted third parties? Smart contracts may be the solution you are looking for! Discover in this article all you need to know about this revolutionary technology that allows automatic, transparent and secure exchanges without the intermediary of third parties. Introduction Smart contracts were theorized as early as 1996 by scientist and cryptographer Nick Szabo, but it was with the advent of the Ethereum blockchain in 2013 that their potential was truly realized. Smart contracts are autonomous computer programs that are automatically executed when all previously defined conditions are met. Their operation is based on the blockchain, a decentralized and secure information storage and transmission technology. What are smart contracts? Smart contracts allow the exchange of all kinds of assets without the need for intermediaries, such as lawyers, notaries or financial agents. They offer the possibility to automate transactions that previously required human intervention, thus allowing faster and less expensive exchanges. Example of use of smart contracts A concrete example of the use of smart contracts is in the insurance sector. When an individual takes out an insurance policy that provides for compensation in the event of a plane delay, he or she normally has to provide a series of supporting documents to the insurer in order to receive this compensation. However, thanks to the use of smart contracts and the computer coding previously written inside them, when a plane is late, the insurer can automatically send the money to the insured without the need for any declaration on his part. Smart contracts can also be used in many other sectors, such as real estate, logistics, energy or health. They can be used to guarantee payments, certify the authenticity of products or documents, or automate contract management processes. Limits and risks of smart contracts However, it should be noted that smart contracts are not without risks and limitations. Their computer code can be vulnerable to security flaws, and programming errors can lead to malfunctions or significant financial losses. Moreover, their use cannot replace the need for clear legal rules and appropriate regulation to ensure the security and protection of users. Conclusion Smart contracts represent a major technological innovation, which opens up exciting prospects for decentralized and automated transactions. However, their use must be supervised and regulated to guarantee their reliability and security, and to avoid any risk of abuse or fraud.

  • Understanding Rollups: Explaining Optimistic Rollup and ZK Rollup

    Today, users of infrastructure blockchains, such as Ethereum, face a major challenge: the scalability of this technology. While layer 1 blockchains offer exceptional security, they can be slow and expensive. High gas fees for each transaction can reach amounts exceeding $25 or $50, which is not ideal for decentralized financial operations (DeFi). To solve these problems, layer 2 solutions, such as rollups, have been developed. What are Rollups? Rollups are innovative solutions to address the scalability problem of layer 1 blockchains. Indeed, blockchains such as Ethereum are not able to process a large number of transactions at once, which results in high transaction fees and longer confirmation times. Rollups get around this problem by delegating some of the transaction processing to third parties, which significantly reduces costs and improves the overall performance of blockchains. With rollups, it is possible to process thousands of transactions per second, making it a very promising solution for the future of blockchains. The two main types of Rollups Rollup solutions are divided into two main types: Optimistic rollups and Zero-Knowledge rollups (ZK-rollups). One of the advantages of both types of rollups is the significant reduction in transaction costs. Instead of processing each transaction independently on the Layer 1 blockchain, rollups allow dozens of transactions to be aggregated on a Layer 2 chain and then compressed into a single transaction that is ultimately sent back to the Layer 1 blockchain. This significantly reduces processing costs and splits the cost of this single transaction among multiple users. Optimistic rollups Optimistic rollups, as the name suggests, operate optimistically by assuming that all transactions in a rollup are valid. This approach offers significant speed because it eliminates the need to verify every transaction. However, it leaves all participants with limited time to challenge fraudulent transactions. One of the main drawbacks of Optimistic rollups is that it often takes about a week to withdraw funds from the network, which can be a problem for some users. ZK-rollups ZK-rollups use a complex cryptographic technique called zero-knowledge proof to determine whether a transaction is valid using only minimal information about that transaction. ZK-rollups are powerful in that they offer privacy protection and allow users to withdraw their funds more quickly than Optimistic rollups. Despite complex technological development, thanks to recent advances in cryptography, ZK-rollups solutions identical to Ethereum's core network are expected to be launched soon, which will support virtually any application developers want to build on Ethereum in a faster and less expensive way for end users. Limitations of rollups Rollup solutions such as Optimistic rollup and ZK rollup improve the scalability of blockchains by allowing off-chain transactions and reducing the load on the main chain, but they still have limitations. Costs can be high, security can be compromised by trusting a third party, flexibility is limited, and there is a risk of centralized governance. However, these limitations can be overcome with future improvements, and rollups remain a promising solution for improving blockchain scalability. Conclusion Rollups are promising solutions for scaling blockchains. By using rollups, users can benefit from improved efficiency, security and scalability of blockchains. They enable large numbers of transactions to be processed efficiently and at lower cost. This opens the door to new blockchain use cases, such as micropayments and large-scale decentralized applications. By integrating rollups into the blockchain ecosystem, we can finally see the true capabilities of this emerging technology. Rollups still pose some risks to the Ethereum backbone, but significant progress has been made in security and decentralization. Rollups have the potential to provide efficient and secure scaling solutions for Ethereum.

  • What is cryptocurrency mining?

    The process of mining refers to the method used to gather, verify and record cryptocurrency transactions in a blockchain. Miners play a crucial role in keeping the network accurate and are also responsible for creating new currency units in the system. Introduction to cryptocurrency mining The traditional banking system operates with fiat money created and distributed by financial institutions and government authorities. However, most cryptocurrencies do not rely on centralized entities to create new units of currency. Instead, cryptocurrencies use a process called mining, which follows predefined rules established by the cryptocurrency's protocol to generate new units. The rules are dictated by consensus algorithms that ensure transactions are validated correctly according to the rules defined by the protocol. The role of miners in the security of the blockchain network Let's take Bitcoin as an example. The people who participate in the mining process are called miners. Miners collect unconfirmed transactions and organize them into a block, which they then attempt to validate. This process is important to ensure the security of the Bitcoin network. The process for creating new blocks When a miner creates a block, he includes a transaction that allows him to receive a reward for his work. This transaction is called a coinbase transaction and is usually the first transaction in a block. Next, all unconfirmed transactions are grouped together, each is hashed, and their outputs are matched. This process is repeated until a single hash is produced, called a root hash or root of the Merkle tree. Proof of Work and Block Rewards in the Bitcoin Protocol When Bitcoin transactions are made, they are grouped into blocks. Each block contains information about the transactions made and a hash that identifies the block. The process of creating a block involves miners, which are computers working to solve a complex mathematical puzzle. The miner who solves the puzzle first earns the right to confirm the block and receive a reward in Bitcoin. This process is called Proof of Work and serves to secure the Bitcoin blockchain. The rewards for confirming a block are set to gradually decrease over time. The Bitcoin protocol defines the reward per block, which decreases every 210,000 blocks (about four years). The initial reward was 50 BTC per block, it is now 6.25 BTC and will be 3.125 BTC in 2024

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