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Bitcoin Magazine App is a Learn2Earn application developed by the well-known Twitter account, Bitcoin Magazine, accumulating over 2.9 million subscribers on the social network. Bitcoin Magazine, run by the BTC Media LLC Group was founded in 2012. Through its Twitter account and website, Bitcoin Magazine offers news, analysis, research and reflections at the intersection of finance, blockchain technology and Bitcoin. The group also initiates conferences, around the theme of Bitcoin, organized around the world.

Since 2018, Bitcoin Magazine has launched an app, which is interesting to say the least, as it allows you to earn $SATS (fractions of a Bitcoin) by reading and learning about various topics related to the underlying technology of blockchain and the industry that has developed around Bitcoin.​

  1. In this article, we'll look at how to download the application and create an account. Next, we'll look at the different ways you can earn Bitcoin with the app. Finally, we'll look at how to withdraw $SATS to a wallet or cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Download and registration

There are several ways to access the application. You can find the download link directly on the official Bitcoin Magazine App Twitter account. You can also download the app via traditional download channels such as Google Play or the App Store.

Once downloaded, launch the application and enter your e-mail address. Then, to validate your registration, enter the confirmation code received in your mailbox. Then click on "Submit". Next, the application will ask you to enable notifications - this step is optional.

  1. ​Once you've completed these steps, the application offers you a short tutorial on its functions. That's it, everything's ready. Now you can read and learn more about the Bitcoin ecosystem - and get paid for it!

How to earn Bitcoin with Bitcoin Magazine?

The platform developed by Bitcoin Magazine is very simple and intuitive. As the slogan of the Bitcoin Magazine application indicates, to earn fractions of a Bitcoin, all you have to do is "Read, Learn and Earn Bitcoin".

1. Read and Learn: the application offers daily articles on various topics related to Bitcoin. These articles aim to inform and facilitate learning about Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem.

2. Earn Bitcoins by reading: once you've finished reading an article in the Bitcoin Magazine application, it pays you in fractions of a Bitcoin, otherwise known as $SATS. The more you read and learn about Bitcoin and its ecosystem, the more $SATS you'll earn. Reading an article earns you $5SATS. However, on a daily basis, the application offers "Daily Boosts". This means that reading certain articles can earn you 25, 50 or even 75 $SATS.

  1. 3. Flash codes: flash codes are a feature that can earn you a few hundred $SATS. All you need to do is obtain a code from Bitcoin Magazine, via a tweet, podcast, newsletter or notification. Once you've obtained the code, you need to enter it into the application to collect your $SATS.

How to withdraw your Bitcoins?

Withdrawing $SATS from the application is simple. The only condition is that you must have a minimum of $500 in order to make a withdrawal. The application uses the Lightning Network. As a reminder, the Lightning Network is a second-layer network secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. It enables secure microtransactions to be processed instantly and at virtually no cost, while remaining entirely decentralized. You can withdraw your $SATS instantly to any wallet supporting the Lightning Network.

To withdraw your $SATS, go to the wallet application, click on "Withdraw" and choose your preferred withdrawal method. If you don't yet have a wallet supporting the Lightning network, the application offers you several to download. Do your research and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. The application also lets you spend your $SATS on partner merchants.


Bitcoin Magazine has set up a Learn2Earn that encourages users to read and learn in order to expand their knowledge of Bitcoin and its ecosystem. This application is an excellent way for beginners to learn more about Bitcoin and begin a journey into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, while earning fractions of a Bitcoin. Admittedly, you won't achieve financial freedom with this app, and that's not the goal. However, when you know that the quantity of Bitcoin is determined, and when you take a long-term view, it can be interesting to accumulate $SATS.

It's up to you! "Read, Learn and Earn Bitcoin"!


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