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Discover Walken Block, the new casual game in the Walken application collection. Like Walken Runner, this strategic and addictive game is an excellent way to increase your amount of $WLKN, Gems and Mysberries, and at the same time reinforce the usefulness of these different assets in the Walken ecosystem. Walken Block is the perfect choice if you want to have fun while exploring the enriching possibilities offered by Web3 and DeFi games.

Downloading and installing Walken Blocks

Walken Blocks is a Free2Play, which means you don't need to invest upfront to earn cryptocurrencies. Available for IOS and Android, you can download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Once downloaded, launch the app and tap the "Earn Money! Log In" button to log in.  To benefit from the rewards earned in Walken Blocks, log in with the email address used in the Walken game. All rewards earned in Walken Blocks will be immediately transferred to your Walken account.
  2. If you don't have a Walken account yet, click here to download Walken and create your account. By using this link, you will also receive a welcome gift of 10 GEM, 5 $WLKN and 100 Mysberries (Promo Code: L5LVQ3N). For more information on the Walken game, see our article: Walken - a move2earn game for everyone.

How to play Walken Blocks?

Walken Blocks is a game inspired by the famous 2048 game. The aim of the game is to merge blocks of the same value to create larger blocks of double the value. The aim is to reach the highest score while avoiding reaching the top of the grid, which will result in defeat. Unlike the original 2048, in Walken Blocks it's possible to reach much higher levels.

As you play, you'll also earn green crystals. These crystals are used to purchase in-game boosters: "Smash" and "Swap". These boosters will come in handy when you get stuck in the game.

  1. ​Note that, as with Walken Runner, playing Walken Blocks is accompanied by advertisements. So you won't be able to progress through the game without watching a few ads. Why ads? Advertising revenues generated by the game are reinvested in the purchase of $WLKN tokens, thus contributing to the sustainability of Walken's mission. 

Earning rewards in Walken Blocks

  1. The higher your score, the greater your chances of winning high rewards. This game requires thought and skill, as each move generates a new block, making victory more difficult. But you don't have to go as far as you can. From block 512 onwards, you can claim your rewards by tapping the "Cash out" button at the bottom of the screen.

Conclusion – Walken Blocks

In short, Walken Blocks is an easy-to-play, free-to-play game with a minimalist design. Combining strategy and fun, this game lets you earn more $WLKN tokens, Gems and Mysbaies for use in the main Walken application.

To find out how to withdraw your $WLKN from the game and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, take a look at our article: Walken - a move2earn for everyone.

Don't wait any longer to dive into an exciting and stimulating block-melting gaming adventure with Walken Blocks. Ready to take on the challenge and dominate the scoreboard? Download Walken Blocks now!


Sources : ​ https://walken.io/https://docs.walken.io/the-cuze/walken-blocks

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