Cross The Ages

Immerse yourself in a dystopian world blending NFT and science fiction with this collectible card game.

Cross The Ages

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  1. Cross the Ages is a trading card game that uses blockchain technology to give players ownership of the cards. Players can compete against other players or computer-controlled opponents. Using Immutable X, Cross the Ages allows players to store, collect and play with their cards and other game elements. The cards to be traded are NFTs held by players, which they can also trade on marketplaces. Designed with mobile devices in mind, Cross the Ages can be played as a free-2-play game, i.e., without requiring any financial investment. Players must place their cards on the battlefield in order to conquer territories and win the battle.

How to download the game?

Cross the Ages is available on PC (Windows and macOS), iOS and Android. You can obtain the Cross the Ages card game by visiting the official website and downloading the version suited to your support: computer or mobile applications.

How do I create an account?

  1. After downloading the game to the device of your choice, launch it and press "Create an account". Choose a username and then provide an e-mail address and password. Then confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link in your inbox. Now log in to the game, and a tutorial will guide you through the basics. You can, of course, ignore the tutorial and start a match straight away.

How to play Cross The Ages

Once you've created your account on the website or mobile app and installed the game, you're ready to dive into your first game of Cross The Ages.

Cross the Ages is a strategic card game where you have to place your cards cleverly to dominate the battlefield. You'll need to create synergies between different cards to strengthen their position. In Cross The Ages, your aim is to conquer territories by capturing cards, which differs from traditional card games where the goal is to destroy your opponent's cards. To capture a card, you play one of your cards next to your opponent's and try to take it. The success of this action depends on two main factors: the power score of the two cards and their respective elements.

  2. Instead of having attack and defense points, cards in Cross The Ages are characterized by a numerical value that expresses the power of the card to be played. To capture a card, the power of your card must be greater than that of your opponent's card. However, with a lower power score, it's also possible to capture your opponent's card, thanks to the cards' elements. Each card has an element (fire, water, wind, etc.) and each element has two strengths and two weaknesses in relation to the other elements. If your card's element has an advantage over that of your opponent's card, you gain a 150 power bonus for your card. If the opposite is true, you lose 150. The battlefield element also plays a role. If your card matches the field's element, it gains extra power based on the field's power. For example, a standard Fire field adds 50 power to all Fire cards played while it's active. To help you master the elements, Cross The Ages has created a Heptagram that lists the strengths and weaknesses of each element.

Tokens and NFT used in the game

Cross the Ages offers game tokens and NFTs for collection. Players can buy decks of cards or individual cards on the secondary market.

CTA tokens: CTA tokens can be acquired by exchanging Prana. Start by buying Prana, then use this Prana to obtain token chests containing 100/250/500/1000 CTA tokens. This token is not currently available on-chain, but will be in the future. This token can be used to create cards, animations, or to qualify for special rare card drops. In future, you'll also be able to sell, rent, participate in tournaments and more, using the CTA.

Trisel: you earn Trisel by playing Cross the Ages and completing daily missions. You can use this raw power to upgrade your cards. It's an essential resource in the game.

Prana: buy Prana in the store or earn it as a reward at events and tournaments. You need Prana to buy off-chain assets, such as chests, boosters and cosmetics.

How to buy and sell cards

Cross the Ages stores its NFTs on the Immutable X blockchain. This technology ensures that items listed on one marketplace are also accessible on other platforms, offering maximum connectivity and portability for users. In addition to its own marketplace, Cross the Ages allows players to trade their assets on Immutable Market, expanding the trading and exchange possibilities for the gaming community.


  1. In conclusion, Cross The Ages plunges us into a captivating universe, where dystopia meets magic and advanced technology. In this world rich in mystery and challenge, players explore a delicate balance between ancient forces and modern advances. Throw yourself into the game through battles and tactical choices, and have fun developing the best strategy to steal your opponents' cards.

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