Decoding the Spray and Pray approach in cryptocurrency investing

The term "Spray and Pray" can take on different meanings depending on its context. In the context of cryptocurrency investing, the term "Spray and Pray" refers to an investment method that involves buying a large number of cryptocurrencies without carrying out in-depth research or analysis on them. The term "Spray" implies that the person spreads their investments across several cryptocurrencies, while the term "Pray" suggests that they hope for large returns without strategy, analysis or having taken the time to study the tech or fundamentals of the underlying cryptos.

Decoding the Spray and Pray approach in cryptocurrency investing

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An investment method based on luck

The idea behind "Spray and Pray" is that by investing in a large number of cryptocurrencies, individuals using this method, sometimes without realizing it, hope that some of them may experience substantial price increases, which could potentially offset the losses incurred by the underperforming ones. It is essentially an approach based on luck rather than a predetermined strategy and thorough research.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is inherently risky because it is a relatively new market, with limited regulation and exposed to high volatility. Investing in cryptocurrencies indiscriminately and randomly, relying solely on luck, adds an additional and significant layer of risk.

Reasons for the ineffectiveness of "Spray and Pray" approach

This investment method arises from several factors, and while it can prove profitable in bull market times, it's generally not recommended by experienced, hardened cryptocurrency market investors. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Lack of education and information:

Lack of education, research and analysis coupled with a lack of understanding of how the markets work, their conditions and risks, are all factors that expose the investor to significant losses. Not taking the time to educate and inform oneself is synonymous to taking blind bets on a large number of cryptocurrencies. We'll see later, but while great returns are possible, it's highly likely that they won't be realized due to a lack of emotional management.

For this reason, it's advisable to educate and inform yourself before making any investment decisions, whether in cryptos or other financial markets.

2) Diversification issues:

Diversification is a prudent investment principle that is a good way to manage and reduce your risk. However, making many random investments does not necessarily ensure effective diversification. Diversification follows the adage "don't put all your eggs in one basket" which means it's important to diversify your investments across different cryptocurrencies, taking into account their unique characteristics, growth potential and market position. 

Diversifying your crypto portfolio won't happen without a good allocation strategy in place. For more information on this subject, read our article: Understanding the importance of asset allocation in a diversified portfolio. 

3) Emotional decision-making:

Investing money directly appeals to our emotions. This is even truer with the "Spray and Pray" method, which is often associated with emotional decision-making, as it can be challenging to remain disciplined and committed to a specific investment when thorough research and analysis have not been conducted. Moreover, the tendency to make unfounded investments can be driven by emotional impulses, such as the fear of missing out on the latest "gem" and an opportunity, or the excitement of following the latest market trends, often amplified through social media.

Good emotional management and the implementation of a clear and consistent strategy allow us to steer away from the "Spray and Pray" approach, which often leads to losses due to impulsive buying or selling influenced by emotions. Additionally, it is advisable to "ignore the noise" from media and social networks and adopt a long-term investment approach where solid returns can be achieved, rather than seeking to profit from short-term market fluctuations.

  1. Concerning the management of emotions in matters of trading and investments, we recommend that you read our article on: Psychological biases - mastering your mind to maximize your profits
  2. 4)    High transaction costs:

Often overlooked in investment decision-making, executing a large number of transactions can result in high fees, especially on centralized exchange platforms or non-scalable protocols. These costs can adversely affect returns when investments are spread across numerous cryptocurrencies, as is the case with the "Spray and Pray" approach. Unbeknownst to many, these transaction-related costs can accumulate rapidly.

To avoid paying excessive transaction fees due to "Spray and Pray," it is recommended to be more selective in investment choices and establish a well-thought-out strategy to avoid increasing the number of cryptocurrencies and associated transaction fees.


One of the first pieces of advice given when it comes to investing is to "not invest more than you can afford to lose." However, nobody likes losing money, even if we don't need it immediately. Avoiding the "Spray and Pray" strategy is undoubtedly a good starting point to stop losing money.

In conclusion, investing requires:

1) Getting to know yourself. This involves assessing your risk tolerance, setting realistic goals, and being aware of your financial means.

2) Educating yourself in various areas such as the functioning of financial markets, investment principles, emotional management, and more broadly, financial psychology.

3) Gathering information by conducting in-depth research on the assets in which you wish to invest, performing fundamental and/or technical analyses, staying informed about the latest developments related to your investments, being aware of market trends, and so on.

Combining these different steps will allow you to establish robust and profitable strategies, but it will also help you work on your discipline and patience.

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