Double the security of your cryptocurrencies with a Backup Ledger

Buying and storing cryptocurrencies individually requires a certain amount of responsibility on the part of users. This responsibility is justified by several factors. Firstly, owning cryptocurrencies yourself offers absolute control, eliminating the need for intermediaries and the risks associated with dependence on these third parties. Secondly, security is greatly enhanced, as owning your own cryptocurrencies offers protection against the mismanagement of certain centralized exchange platforms, as well as against malicious attacks that can affect centralized platforms and decentralized protocols. With this in mind, the use of a hardware wallet such as Ledger is an excellent option. These devices ensure offline storage of private keys, keeping your assets away from the various threats that can be encountered in the cryptocurrency world.

Double the security of your cryptocurrencies with a Backup Ledger

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Securing your assets is important for preserving your capital. So owning a Ledger is already a good step. But there's more you can do to improve your security. Digital threats aren't the only ones you need to consider. In this article, we explain why it's worth adding an extra layer of protection by securing your Ledger with another Ledger.

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Mitigate the risk of loss or damage

Imagine the unthinkable: your main hardware portfolio has been lost or damaged. Worse still, you've written down your 24 words incorrectly, or your recovery phrase has been destroyed (flood, fire, etc.). In this case, having a back-up wallet guarantees continued access to your funds and protects you from any financial setbacks.

Theft prevention

Owning cryptocurrencies sometimes attracts the covetousness of ill-intentioned individuals. In the unfortunate event of a theft, having a second hardware wallet is sensible protection. Even if one device is compromised, the second remains intact, thwarting the malicious intentions of would-be thieves.

Reduced vulnerabilities related to recovery phrase support

Losing the recovery sheet is a nightmare for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Many users have found themselves in this situation. By using a second hardware wallet, the reliance on a single recovery sheet or hard disk, for example, is reduced, protecting against the consequences of misplacement.

Accounts shared with relatives

For those sharing a crypto account with loved ones, having a separate hardware wallet guarantees individualized access. This promotes security and independence in the management of shared assets.

Ledger Academy

To learn more about why you should have a backup of your Ledger already in possession and explore best practices, you can refer to the relevant Ledger Academy article that explains the nuances of strengthening cryptocurrency security with a backup device.

Ledger's Black Friday offer

Up to and including November 27, Ledger is offering a can't-miss deal to get your first Ledger or a second Ledger as a backup device for your main Ledger:

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Source: consulted on 24.11.23

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