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Genopets is a Free2Play game developed on the blockchain Solana. Genopets is inspired by popular games like Tamagotchi and Pokémon. The game features Genopets which are digital pets, using NFT technology, that continuously evolve through daily activities.

All players can receive a Genopet at level 0 for free at the start of the game. The objective is to increase the levels of their Genopet  to make it evolve like in Pokémon. Later, it will be possible to make his companion fight in the Genoverse to continue improving his Genopet. The game is still under development.

The game also includes a Move2Earn, move to win. Every day, you accumulate steps that you can transform into energy which is then converted either into experience (XP) or into KI, the game token, via a habitat.

Registration and Setup

Genopets is currently in development, but early access to the game is available. To get on the waiting list, you need to enter your email address on the official Genopets website. Then, to finalize registration for early access, you'll need to link your Solana wallet. The Phantom wallet will do the job perfectly. To link your wallet, click on "Sign in", then on "Login with wallet" and select the Solana wallet of your choice. Once you've completed these steps, you'll be eligible to receive an invitation code. The Genopets team sends out new invitation codes on a weekly basis.

  1. You'll receive this invitation code by email, along with instructions on how to install and configure the application. You can then start moving to play.

App and website

1. The app

  1. Do not download the application until you have received your invitation code by email. When you receive your invitation code, use the download links contained in the email to download the application available on iOS and Android. After downloading the application, open it and enter the email address used on the Genopets website to receive your invitation code. If you do not use the same email address, you will not receive your Genopet. The application will ask you to perform actions to define the characteristics of your Genopet.
  2. The application allows to play in free2play mode. It allows you to accumulate your steps and transform them into energy. These energies converted into XP will allow you to evolve your Genopet. Your Genopet being an NFT, once evolved, you can sell it on une NFT Marketplace to buy a new less evolved one as well as a habitat, to access the move2earn part of the game.

2. The website

Genopet website is required for move2earn mode. It is thanks to the website that you will be able to manage your inventory, generate KI, create crystals, repair your habitat, etc.

Game tokens

In the Genoverse, there are two main tokens - $KI and $GENE. These two tokens are used in the Genoverse but their use cases differ.

1. $KI token

KI is the gaming token. Like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. For more information on KI price history, visit Coinmarketcap. KI is earned by converting XP into KI. The KI has several uses. It allows in particular to manufacture habitats and other objects. It is also required to take part in combat.

2. $GENE token

  1. GENE is the governance token of the game. Like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. To learn more about the GENE price history, visit Coinmarketcap. In the Genoverse, $GENE token holders vote on the future of the game and all decisions are made unanimously. The game also offers the possibility of earning more rewards by staking your GENE in the Genoverse.

How to play Genopets?

Genopets therefore includes a free2play and a move2earn.

1. The free2play mode 

For free Genopets, the data collected by the game from the player's physical activities will provide XP to the Genopet so that it can level up. Players will have baby Genopets to start with. Then, they will pass to the adolescent level (1st evolution) and adult (2nd evolution). Later, PvE and PvP matches will be held to earn XP. Thus, players can also interact with their friends and other players.

When the Genopet reaches a higher level, the owner can sell the free character in the market to buy a Habitat and a Genopet in return.

2. The move2earn mode 

To generate KI tokens, it is necessary to buy an NFT which takes the form of a habitat for your Genopet. Go to the marketplace Magic Eden to buy your habitat.

  1. In addition to generating KI, the habitat allows you to create crystals that you can use to improve the statistics of your Genopet or resell them on a marketplace dedicated to NFTs. You can also stake your GENE to generate more rewards.

The energy system

Energy in the game has no value. Energy is the result of your daily walking efforts. The more physical activity you do that gets you moving, the more energy you will get. To convert your steps of the day into energies, go to the mobile application and keep pressed on the 'BANK STEPS' bubble. It is important to convert your steps into energy every day before 00:00. The step counter resets to 0 from midnight every day. Any steps not converted into energy will be lost.

  1. These energies can then be converted into XP to progress in the game. Note that the number of energies received for the conversion of your steps decreases as the day progresses.

Earn XP

  1. As in many games, XP is the main element to evolve in the Genoverse. Resulting from the conversion of your energies, the XP can be used to level up your Genopet, to make it evolve and increase its statistics. You can also transform your XP into KI, the game token. These KI can then be harvested. Your KIs will be stored in your Solana wallet and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency (€ or $).

Other Features

1. Habitat and terraforming

As already mentioned above, a habitat allows you to convert your XP into cryptocurrency (KI). To own a habitat, you have to go to the marketplace magic eden. Note that your habitat has a limited lifespan. Every day, your habitat is degraded. If you want to keep generating KI through your habitat, take care to be active for the lifetime of your habitat and restore it using crystals.

  1. A key part of the game is the ability to terraform (smash or raise) additional habitats, as a habitat owner, to sell or rent to other players. Owning a habitat allows players to earn money by selling habitats to other players or renting them to those who wish to benefit from a habitat without having to buy one.

2. KI harvesting and crafting

Owning a habitat allows you to collect KI. Habitat owners also have the option to craft more in-game NFTs. Refine crystals and craft items to use or combine into recipes to enhance and customize your Genopet's appearance and abilities.

  1. Microtransactions power free2play economies. Habitat owners will have the ability to use or sell the items they create, fueling the in-game Market Maker economy.

3. Battle System

Genopets is a move2earn allowing you to benefit from the token created by this game while walking but also to encourage you to adopt healthy habits. Under development, the application will allow you to use the energy gained each day to carry out fights with your Genopet all over the world. In addition to successive battles, mini-games will allow for relaxing but engaging gameplay. Challenge other players and sharpen your reaction time, memory and general cognitive abilities with Genopet battles.


The objective of Genopets is to encourage you to make physical efforts to develop your Genopet but also to develop yourself. Reward healthy lifestyle habits while playing.

For more specific information about Genopets, the Whitepaper of Genopets.


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