Keep your cryptos safe

With the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, securing these digital assets has become a top priority for investors and users alike. While the benefits of cryptocurrencies, such as decentralization and ease of monetary transactions, are undeniable, they also pose unique security challenges.

Keep your cryptos safe

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How does cryptocurrency security differ from traditional systems?

Traditional Web2 platforms, such as banks, centralize your data storage. You rely on them to ensure secure transactions. However, if hackers manage to infiltrate this centralized system, your sensitive information is compromised. What's more, the responsibility for security falls on them. If you forget your passwords, the bank can reset them for you.

Cryptocurrency security works differently. Data is decentralized, which means an attacker can't access all your information in one fell swoop. Cryptocurrency projects are designed with security and privacy in mind, offering a more secure online experience.

However, this enhanced security means greater responsibility on your part. Your "recovery phrase" acts like the key to a safe. If you lose it, access to your funds is irretrievably lost. Projects can't reset this key for you, because they've never had control over it.

Protect your cryptos

We all know passwords, special characters and capital letters. That's a good first step! However, with cryptocurrencies, it's important to have multiple levels of security.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection, similar to a second lock on your safe. When you log in, a unique code is sent by e-mail, text message to your phone or via a third-party application. Without this code, even if someone knows your password, they can't access your account.

  1. Finally, private keys and recovery phrases are your master keys. Your private key is a secret code: anyone who has it can access your funds. Never share it. Your recovery phrase is a backup, a series of words that can restore your account in the event of a problem. Write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Extra security

A hardware wallet is like a physical safe in which you would put your funds, except that this device is designed to store your cryptocurrencies. Unlike wallet apps installed on your computer or phone, a hardware wallet is a specialized device designed exclusively to protect your cryptocurrencies.

This device offers enhanced security, making it considerably harder for hackers to gain access to your precious cryptocurrencies.

Hardware wallet allows you to validate transactions directly on the device. So, even in the event of unauthorized access to your computer or phone, transactions cannot be validated without confirmation from your hardware wallet.

Which hardware wallet should I use?

There are several on the market, but Ledger is recognized as a trusted player in securing your digital assets. Their hardware wallets are renowned for offering robust protection against potential threats. Here's why you should choose Ledger:

  1. - Highly secure: Guarantees your cryptocurrency is protected from threats.
    - Ease of use: Ledger devices are designed to be user-friendly, facilitating simple installation for all users.
    - Support for diverse assets: Manage a wide range of crypto assets with a single hardware wallet.
    - Mobile application: Ledger's mobile application enables convenient management of your wallet even on the move.
  2. This last point represents only a fraction of the functionalities offered by Ledger. For more information on Ledger, visit our article: Take control of your cryptos with Ledger.

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