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My Lovely Planet

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Discover My Lovely Planet, a revolutionary new Web3 application dedicated to protecting the environment around the world, by combining the power of Blockchain and gaming. With its "Play to save" concept, you'll play not only for fun, but also to preserve our precious planet. The project has been honored with the prestigious "Unity for Humanity" award, testifying to its impact and commitment to the common good.

Behind this visionary initiative is Clément Le Bras, a social entrepreneur and former founder of, the solidarity search engine that donated 50% of its revenues to French and international associations, including the NGO Sea Shepherd. Drawing on this experience, Clément created My Lovely Planet with the aim of giving players the chance to make a real impact on our world.

Build your virtual city, change the real world

  1. In this captivating game, you'll be invited to build your own small town on a virtual island. Every action you take in the game has an impact in the real world. For example, when you plant virtual trees, real trees will be planted in specific locations. Similarly, when you recycle virtual objects, the company behind the app will contribute to cleaning up the oceans in real life. What sets My Lovely Planet apart is its concrete commitment to environmental protection. Thanks to the advertising and purchases made on the app, 15% of revenues generated will be donated to NGOs active in the real world.

Download and install the game

The My Lovely Planet app is available to download free of charge from the App Store and the Google Play Store. To get started, simply log in using your e-mail address. The game, currently in beta, will be launched as soon as you log in. In just a few seconds, you'll be ready to dive into the captivating adventure of My Lovely Planet.

The Game Token - $MLC

  1. My Lovely Coin ($MLC) is an ERC20 utility token based on the Polygon blockchain. It is the mainstay of the My Lovely Planet economy, a game focused on environmental protection. As a central token, the $MLC is used to make in-game purchases such as the acquisition of seeds, tickets, bonuses, skins and NFTs. It also plays a crucial role in the project's future products and features. The $MLC is linked to the overall value generated by My Lovely Planet, with 85% of in-app purchases and 5% of advertising revenues used to redeem MLC on the market. By contributing to the increase in the number of players and purchases, $MLC sees its value grow. Its ultimate goal is to build a global community of 100 million web3 players committed to preserving the environment.

$MLC token utility

The My Lovely Coin token ($MLC) is the in-game currency. Players can earn or buy $MLC tokens on the platform to perform various actions within the game:

  • - Buy character skins and bonuses.
  • - Progress faster through the mission.
  • - Buy seeds.
  • - Buy tickets.
  • - Subscribe and access specific content, an exclusive magical island, a vegetable garden, a barn, a farm, etc.

In addition, NFT Lovely Protectors will offer exclusive benefits:

  • - Access to specific communities and islands within the game.
  • - Access to exclusive mini-games, an exclusive game arena and a Lovely Protector ranking.
  1. The value of the $MLC token will increase as the number of players grows. The aim is to create a fascinating universe accessible only via $MLC tokens, encouraging players to spend them in-game rather than reselling them on exchange platforms.

How to play My Lovely Planet

1. Building your island

To start playing My Lovely Planet, you need to choose your avatar and build your island. You have a space where you can place various elements already present. Using seeds, you can grow these elements and finance environmental projects such as tree planting, ocean clean-up and animal protection. You can obtain more items, such as trees, dog/cat meals, beehives, recyclers and decorative objects, by opening orbs. Orbs are obtained by completing missions or upgrading your items. Some missions allow you to gain experience (XP) and upgrade your avatar. Later, you can also visit neighboring islands and interact with other players.

2. Stars

  1. To play various mini-games, expand your island or obtain orbs, stars are required. These stars are available every 4 hours by pressing your telescope.

3. Mini-games

In your island arena, you can play a number of entertaining mini-games. Here are just some of the games available:

  • - Find the pets: a memory game where you have to find the revealed cards once they're hidden.
  • - Happy fruity: a coordination game where you have to place the fruit that falls in the right square.
  • - Honey Party: a speed game where you have to click on the honey squares to fill a jar while avoiding the bees.
  • - Clean the waste: a Tetris-like puzzle where you have to place the pieces in the right order within a given time.

You'll find tutorials for each game, as well as a map showing your progress. The mini-games can be played solo or in multiplayer mode. Currently, the game features a dual mode, but other modes, such as battle royale, are planned.

  1. On the map, you'll notice that there are chests representing stages to complete. You need to rank as high as possible to pass these stages. Ranking and chests earn you extra seeds and tickets.

4. NFT Lovely Protectors

In My Lovely Planet, you can buy NFTs (Lovely Protectors). These NFTs are in-game characters who offer various benefits, such as the ability to earn MLC (My Lovely Coin), obtain new skins and access exclusive content. The game plans to add the NFT mode at the end of 2023, offering new opportunities for players.

My Lovely Planet, the ecoresponsible adventure is waiting for you!

My Lovely Planet offers a unique gaming experience that goes beyond entertainment. Using playful mechanics, engaging mini-games and an innovative token economy, the game enables players to make a real contribution to protecting our planet. Whether you choose to build your island, take part in mini-games or explore multiplayer features, every action counts towards making a positive difference in the real world. So dive into the enchanting world of My Lovely Planet and join a global community committed to preserving our environment. Together, we can create a more beautiful and sustainable world for future generations.


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