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Step'N is an innovative Web3 application combining sports activity and remuneration. Through its application, Step'N offers social and game elements. The novel side of this application and its ease of use have reached an audience that is unfamiliar with the world of la blockchain, beyond blockchain enthusiasts or sports enthusiasts.

In addition to the monetizable aspect, Stepn wishes to participate in the decarbonization of the planet, but also to encourage users to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Based on NFTs, the objective of the game is to get a pair of virtual sneakers and go for a walk, jog or run. Thanks to a state-of-the-art localization system, the application is able to calculate the speed, duration and distance traveled of a race and thus remunerate the user according to his sporting achievements.

Downloading and installing Step'N

  1. Available on iOS and Android, players can go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app. It is also possible to download the application directly through the official website of Step'N.

    Once the application is downloaded, open it and create an account. After having filled in the information necessary to create the account, you must create your wallet which will be used to receive your game rewards.

Before buying your first pair of sneakers, go to the top right of the screen and tap on the SOL logo. The application works on three different blockchains: Solana, Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. In doing so, Step'N wishes to adapt to the greatest number of profiles using the application.

  1. Choose the blockchain on which you want to use Step'N. Click on create a new wallet and take note of your recovery phrase (12 words). This sentence will be necessary to recover your account in case of loss of your Smartphone for example. So be sure to put your recovery phrase somewhere safe.

  1. Once these steps are completed, your wallet is ready. To buy your first pair of sneakers, you must send the native token of the chosen blockchain to your Step'N wallet. For example, if you have chosen the Blockchain Solana, send SOL to your Step'N wallet address. Once your tokens have been received, transfer them to your in-app wallet. Click on Transfer then on Spending. The transfer may take 2-5 minutes. When your tokens are in your wallet Spending, then go to the marketplace and buy your pair of sneakers depending on the activity you want to do: walking, jogging or running. The application is finally ready, go out for a walk, jog or run and earn cryptocurrency and other rewards. 

Game tokens

1. GST

The GST is earned when the player moves with the Step'N application. GST has an unlimited supply and like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. To learn more about GST price history, visit Coinmarketcap. The GST has a utility character and allows several actions in the game. The GST is useful to earn more rewards by leveling up your pair of sneakers, creating new pairs of sneakers and much more. The GST also features a burn mechanism. This means that whenever GSTs are used in the game, they are destroyed. This mechanism enables the supply of GST in circulation to be reduced.

2. GMT

  1. The GMT is earned when the player moves with the Step'N application. It has a limited supply and like other cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate. For more information on GMT price history, visit Coinmarketcap. GMT is the governance token and is required for certain actions in the game. GMT can be earned either by having a level 30 pair of sneakers  or by owning a pair of sneakers Rainbow. The GMT also has a burn mechanism. This means that whenever GMTs are used in-game, they are destroyed. This mechanism allows the reduction of the supply of GMT in circulation.

How to generate rewards with Step'N?

There are several ways to earn rewards in Step'N. It is possible to win GST, GMT and Mystery box containing NFT. You will earn different rewards depending on the attributes of your sneakers: Efficiency, Luck, Comfort and Resilience. Anyone who wishes to earn GST will have to increase the Efficiency attribute, to maximize their earnings. The user who wants to be rewarded in Mystery box will have to bet on the Luck attribute. The Comfort attribute allows you to earn GMT. The higher your Resilience is, the less you will have to spend in GST to repair your pair of sneakers.

Users can use GST and GMT to reset sneaker attribute points. The more frequent the reset, the more expensive it will be, with the cost capped at a certain level.


1. Choose your pair of Sneakers

There are four types of sneaker, each designed to suit a different exercise intensity and/or fitness level: Walker (1-6 KM/H), Jogger (4-10 KM/H) , Runner (8-20 KM/H), Trainer (1-20 KM/H).

It is the type of rarity and the level of the pair that determines the winnings you will have. The rarer and higher level your pair is, the more rewards you will earn. The number of pairs players have also affects the rewards. Having several pairs of sneakers allows you to do your physical activity for a longer period of time and thus earn more rewards.

To choose the right pair of sneakers, it is advisable to use the filter option integrated into the application's marketplace. You can also get help from Stepn Market Guide to refine your search.

2. Level up your Sneakers

Users can level up their pair of sneakers for GST, with GMT required at certain stages. Each level up takes a fixed time, which increases with the amount of GST and GMT required depending on the level of the sneaker. This process can be accelerated (boosted) by using even more GST. Go ici  to find out exactly how much it will cost you to level up your sneakers.

Once the level is reached, users will get from 4 to 12 additional attribute points to allocate depending on the quality of their Sneaker.

To increase the level of your basketball, press on the bottom left on "Level up ". A pop-up window will appear showing the time and cost for upgrading your sneakers. Press confirm. When you level up your sneakers, you can earn more reward, but the repair cost will also increase. This is why it is important to allocate the points with strategy.

  1. At max level (30), the user can choose between earning GST or GMT.

Gems and Sockets

Users can unlock gem sockets for GST when their sneakers reach a certain level. This is useful for improving the attributes of their sneakers by inserting the corresponding gems into unlocked sockets (for example, only efficiency gems can be placed in efficiency sockets).

1. Gems

There are four gem types, each representing an attribute: Efficiency, Luck, Comfort and Resilience.

By going to the Upgrade tab under the Gems section, users can upgrade their gems against GST by merging three gems of the same level and type to a higher level (i.e. three level 1 efficiency gems to one level 2 efficiency gem).

Note that merging low-level gems may fail. Click here for the cost and success rate of merging.

2. Sockets

A sneaker has four different sockets, identified by colors that correspond to a type of gem. The user inserts gems into the socket to improve the attributes of a pair of sneakers. A socket is unlocked each time a sneaker reaches level 5, 10, 15, and 20 respectively. The higher the quality of the socket, the stronger the attribute of the inserted gem.

  1. Users will be able to see the socket type without unlocking the socket, but not the socket quality, which is determined by the quality of a sneaker.

Other Game Features

1. Energy

Players start with a Sneaker and 2 energies. Energies reflect the daily period during which the user will be rewarded for moving. The number of energies depends directly on the number of pairs you have in your inventory. Having a lot of energy means you can walk, jog or run for longer and accumulate more rewards.

Energy is replenished by 25% every 6 hours until it reaches the energy ceiling. Additional (cumulative) energy is given to users for premium Sneakers. Go here to find out how many pairs you need to own to increase your energy.

2. Mystery Box

A Mystery Box (MB) is a box of rewards that can be earned during a trip with the Step'N application. The box can contain GSTs, gems (levels 1 to 3), scrolls or nothing at all (level 1 and 2 MBs). Mystery Boxes have 10 levels. The level of the box determines the quality and number of rewards received. The higher the Luck attribute of your pair of sneakers, the greater the chance of winning high-level Mystery Boxes.

  1. Opening them requires GST. There are four Mystery Box spaces available for each user. Mystery Boxes can be won in both GST and GMT modes. When you receive an MB, you must wait before opening it, and the countdown begins automatically. Once the countdown is complete, the box is ready to be opened. It is possible to open your Mystery Box directly for GST, but this is expensive. It's also advisable to wait until the end of the countdown to increase your chances of obtaining rarer rewards. Click here to find out how much it costs to open a Mystery Box.

3. Shoe-minting

Shoe-Minting is the process of creating a new pair of sneakers. To minter, users must use two pairs of parent sneakers to create a ShoeBox containing the new pair of sneakers with random attributes. This new pair will automatically be added to your inventory. You can choose to keep it or sell it on the marketplace.

To mint, players must select one of their pairs and press Mint. You must then choose another pair and press Mint again. Shoe-minting requires GST/GMT and scrolls, which can be obtained from Mystery Boxes. The cost varies according to the price of the GST, the rarity of the sneakers and the number of mints already performed on the chosen pairs. Click here to find out exactly how much shoe-minting costs.

Shoe-minting also gives you the chance to receive Twins (2 pairs of sneakers for the price of a mint), a pair of trainers or a top-quality pair. For example, an unusual pair from two common pairs.

4. Badge

  1. Badges are earned by completing tasks. The more difficult tasks are entitled to better badges (5 qualities). Badges provide in-game benefits. This game feature is under development.

5. Marathon

  1. In Marathon mode, players must register under the Marathon tab at least 24 hours before the start of the marathon. There will be both weekly marathons and monthly marathons. This feature of the game is under development.

How to withdraw GST and GMT?

  1. If you want to withdraw your GST or GMT from the app but don't want to exchange them for fiat currencies (€ or $), you can transfer them to a decentralized wallet like Phantom or to a centralized trading platform that supports these two tokens: BybitBinanceCoinbase, etc. Once transferred, you can, for example, stake your GMT to benefit from interest on your cryptocurrencies or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.
    If you wish to withdraw your GST or GMT to exchange them for fiat currency, to deposit them in your personal bank account, you will need to transfer your GST or GMT to a centralized trading platform: Bybit, BinanceCoinbase, etc.

    To withdraw your tokens from the app, go to your Stepn app wallet. Press transfer. Then fill in the token address of the platform to which you want to transfer your funds. Transfer fees must be paid with the native token of the blockchain used. Once your funds arrive on your trading platform, convert them into your local currency and fill in your bank details to receive your rewards in fiat currency.

It is also possible to convert your GST or GMT directly to SOL or stablecoin directly from the application.

The Mission of Step'N

Step'N's mission is simple, to allow people who know nothing about blockchain to be able to enter this world in a fun and health-positive way. Step'N is a long-term project. Already well known in the cryptocurrency world, the team behind Step'N strives to offer a unique and revolutionary experience.

For more specific information on Step'N, please read the Whitepaper of Step'N.


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